Adam better known as ‘ADDMS’ on Instagram has had a long history of modified cars, from crazy hatches to some old schools to his current OG saloon, initially starting his passion for cars from childhood. All tailored to his perfection.

Adam loves to keep his cars nice and simple, which is clearly shown on his stunning Mercedes S500 as he has kept this very clean and subtle. He has a simple mix of adjustments and modifications, to make it look like what it is today. He has had the stock Airmatic suspension modified to enable it to sit as low as it does; it may not be the most advanced system but can easily deceive the eye and give it a similar drop like Accuair or Airlift. Going along the lines of simplicity he sourced a rare set of wheels from a Mercedes GLK, where he mentions that this vehicle was never sold in the UK, so he was lucky to have come a cross these 20×9.5 all rounders wrapped in 235/30/20’s – with the use of spacers he now has the car sitting ever so pretty. But it really is all about the little touches that make this car, with the blacked-out windows, murdered grill and of course my personal favourite; the motorised front plate holder/concealer. I personally would define this as a real ‘boss’ car, and yes this is his daily car, commuting to work and back like a G’.

Which is pretty much true, the car fanatics, enthusiasts, whatever you want to call them, are all like a big community – a family even

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A few months back we had the pleasure of Adam featuring in our promo shoot for our upcoming show; Kulturschock 2016 and having released the first teaser video starring Adam’s S Class and as a whole the Eurospotter team have come to a conclusion that his car is not only a beast having a 5.0l V8 but also a beauty with its elegance and subtleness. Again adhering to the “less is more” type of mentality.

He has travelled well over 5000 miles in this beast around Europe, and I quote “it has never missed a beat!” It’s living strong and may even be on the market very soon… so watch out guys.

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Adam has jumped from different sets of wheels over the years, from 17” BBS RS on his bora to Rotiform TMBs to something alittle more subtle; a set of Merc wheels from a GLK; to name a few. But there’s no question about it this guy has taste.

He has a long history of German cars: which are all listed below with all the mods and changes, but from writing this I can establish Adam is a true car lover, a true car enthusiast, his passion for cars is overwhelming. But something that touched me was that Adam clearly stated that its not all about the cars, don’t get me wrong he loves cars and loves messing around with them. But for him, it’s all about the people. This showed that the car world can bring people closer, he had met a bunch of great people, learned new things; he even said, “The car shows are hardly about the cars anymore for me. I’m so happy to be a part of Rollhard as they’re a genuine bunch of nice guys (you’ll have to trust me on that one)”. Which is pretty much true, the car fanatics, enthusiasts, whatever you want to call them, are all like a big community – a family even.

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2003/03 Mercedes S500L, 5.0 V8

Lowered on Factory Airmatic Suspension Mercedes GLK Wheels (20×9.5) with 235/30/20 Vredestein Vorti Full Custom Manifold

Back Stainless Discreet Exhaust System

Genuine US Tailgate Tub Motorised Front Plate holder/Hider

Full Leather Heated/Cooled Electric Memory Seats – with Massage Seats (Front)

Heated Steering Wheel

OEM Television

Soft Close Doors and Boot

Electric Rear Blind

Photos by: Maruf Miah

Car Owner: Adam King

Words by: Adam King and Yusuf Ali

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