Eurospotter hosted Kulturschock at Newcastle Racecourse on Sunday 21st of August 2016.

Coming up to the summer of 2015, the Eurospotter team decided we were finally ready to host our own show. Once the venue was confirmed, all things were a go! The team agreed the best time to release the date of the show was at Ultimate Dubs in March 2016, the first show of the season.

The team knew it was going to be tough to get the show out there, as we knew we would be competing against such big names, but we were confident enough to ensure Kulturschock will be a name to be remembered! With good interest and support from sponsors and traders; such as Airlift, Kleenfreaks, Wheel Whores and SoScene who we met at Players Classic.

Month after month, show after show we hit promo hard, we even released out our own mixtape, and we gotta say so ourselves… it was dope!

The months prior to the show was hectic to say the least, phone calls, emails, Facebook messages and Instagram DMs coming from all directions, it was just going wild!

Now down to the nitty gritty, Saturday 20th August… PREP DAY!

The stage went up, the backdrop flew away, the weather wasn’t the best. But despite all setbacks we still kept a positive mind-set, we’d come all this way, 14 months of planning, a little bit of rain wasn’t going to stop us.

Sunday 21st August… SHOW DAY!

Running on no more that 3 hours sleep collectively, we arrived at the venue… for a nice early start – 4AM.

7AM… As the sun came up, the cars came flooding in, before we knew, it was crazy! However, seeing the quality of cars and the distances they travelled, it was all worthwhile.

Also, a big thanks to our team of friends who made sure everything went smoothly, all was set in place, ready to go…

…and then a MOTHER F@%!^£G tank turns up.

The day was just non-stop, with DJ Jax keeping the atmosphere going, and various events such as rev-off competitions, limbo, and various awards.

We had a wide variety of photographers from around the UK, plus our very own JayJoe, who drove just over 3800km all in from Austria – God bless him.

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